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Instead of buying a headboard, a floor rail system and a box spring, in order to create the bed of your dreams, you might want to consider investing in a single platform bed! Platform beds, rapidly gaining in popularity, offer sleek, modern and contemporary styling to suit your taste, or they may take on a traditional or classical look.

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When shopping for a new bed you’re often provided with many options. There are beds which use a mattress/boxspring. Beds that can fold up into a wall like Murphy beds. Even the motion of the ocean is still available in waterbeds! However not everyone is shopping for these types of beds and may be looking for something different. Perhaps you are trying to find a bed that will better benefit both yourself and your home. Platform beds offer an interesting and unique design in the way of beds.


Many modern platform bed designs are taking on more contemporary styling. They are offering a lower profile bed look by keeping designs sleek with straight lines and corners that blend well and move away from high headboards or posts. These beds lend themselves well to bedrooms looking to add a modern twist to home décor. The modern beds infuse interesting modern designs into each piece that move away from more traditional designs and creating new designs with both interesting form and function.


More traditional platform bed designs are still being made today. Many of these designs take inspiration from classic designs that may have been mission or arts and crafts influences from early American craftsman. These classical designs still inspire bedroom design in today’s world via beautifully crafted beds from some of the highest quality premium woods available. There is something about traditional platform bed designs that add a warmth and beauty to any bedroom.

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No matter how big your home is, it can feel small very quickly if you’re not organized! Stamper Furniture Company is the solution you’ve been looking for. Adding custom shelves can be great for design but it is truly beneficial for the organization of any room in your home or at your business. Stamper Furniture Company can create any custom shelving that you need. By adding custom shelving you will drastically increase the comfort and productivity levels of your home or office, get the clutter out of the way, and get well organized.

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