1940’s RCA Victor Radio Cabinet

Here’s a genuine 1940’s RCA radio cabinet with a custom TV Lift System installed, which was discovered in rough shape and in need of extreme restoration. It turned out to be a great project! The guts of the cabinet were in bad shape. The capacitors, resistors, coils, tubes and speakers were all shot and could generally be described as a fire hazard during the repair process. All of the guts were completely removed and the cabinet itself was restored to its original 1940’s beauty. After cleaning and refinishing the cabinet, we decided it was a perfect candidate for a TV Lift System. A 24 Inch “Vizio” TV and a remote controlled lift were installed. The only thing it needed after that was a rockin’ stereo system. Two 9 Inch “Jensen” speakers were installed behind the front grill as replacement of the old ones was imperative. Then a 90 Watt “Pyle” Bluetooth Amplifier was installed so that the restored radio cabinet could connect to all of the latest tech devices. Most importantly, a smart phone now has the ability to transform the 1940’s RCA radio cabinet into a modern day juke box! Cabinet Dimensions – Height: 39 ½ Inches closed, 63 Inches (with the TV opened, Width: 29 ½ Inches, Depth: 15 Inches.

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Our Price: $3750 (Shipping Not Included)
Item #: 216

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1940 RCA Victor Radio Cabinet-216


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