Fireplace Mantle w / TV Lift and Fluted Column Accessory

Fireplace Mantle with TV Lift (TV not included) and Fluted Column Accessory (add-on). This is a big colonial style mantle that’s really beautiful. Standing at 5 Feet 1 Inch tall, it makes a huge architectural statement in just about any room you add it to because there’s isn’t a need for a chimney, or functional fireplace. Most homes today don’t even use the fireplaces they have but love the design of a fireplace mantle in the room. So we got rid of the fireplace and added a TV lift that holds up to a 55 inch flat screen tv. And, it is completely hidden when it’s in the down position. (Note: This is why you can’t have a fire in a fireplace here. It could damage the tv and lift system). But the owner can add a “simulated” fireplace insert if they choose. The homeowner usually installs a tile hearth to complete the look. A 110 outlet is required. It would work well in the fireplace area with cable wiring if needed. The Fireplace Mantle, and the fluted columns with crown piece are sold separately. This is done because the fluted columns with crown piece is so tall (8 Feet 9 Inches), and can’t fit because of ceiling height. They do add a impressive touch to the mantle, making for the drop dead gorgeous focal point in any room. The mantle comes with the fireplace screen and iron bars that are shown, and warming rack. The mantle has small storage compartments built-in behind mantle side panels. Mantle Dimensions: Height: 61 Inches Closed, 91 Inches with TV up. Width: 79 Inches, Depth: 11 ¼ Inches.
Our Price: $8500. (Shipping Not Included)

Fluted columns and crown piece sizes: Height: 104½ Inches, Width: 141 Inches, Depth: 8 Inches.
Our Price: $1200 (Shipping Not Included).

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