Large Steam-Punk Desk Lamp

The Steam-Punk Term comes from the days of steam powered engines, lots of piping, gauges and valves. They accentuated the mechanical form. It was function before form. This steam-punk piece was designed as a desk lamp. With plenty of function before form, it includes two USB receptacles, seven outlets, a toggle switch for each light, and a alarm that’s also toggle switched (the alarm works, but it’s pretty much for fun, unless you’re getting robbed, then let it rip, it’s really loud!) It also has a charging station for a iPad (not included). That’s very handy for the modern stand-out worker. And, that’s a 5 Inch pressure gauge on top! It was retrieved from an old boiler in Paducah, KY. Doesn’t get much better than that folks! Lamp Dimensions – Height: 34 ½ Inches, Width: 40 ½ Inches, Depth: 12 Inches.

Our Price: $1750 (Shipping Not Included)
Item #: 901

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Large Steam-Punk Desk Lamp-901

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