Stair Ladder Bookcase

Made from genuine oak stairway parts and birch paneling, this bookcase is unique and handsome at the same time. When you can use the shelves as a step there’s no need to get a ladder to reach the upper shelves. This bookcase is built super strong and heavy, making it almost impossible to pull over. (I weigh 180 lbs. and can climb to the top and not even rock it.) With 6 cubby drawers there’s tons of storage, and the drawers aren’t on tracks so they can be pulled all the way out, or pushed in so you can use the shelf as a step. And its big, 8 foot 1 ½ inches tall, 40 inches wide by 26 inches deep at the bottom. With the angle it’s built on, the shelves are quite deep. So, there’s plenty of space for larger things like games and prints. Bookcase Dimensions – Height: 8 Feet 1 ½ Inches, Width: 40 Inches, Depth: 26 Inches.

Our Price: $2600 (Shipping Not Included)
Item #: 222

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