Victorian Gothic TV & Bluetooth Stereo Stand

This item fits into – a bit of a Frankenstein category for sure! And yet, we’ve gotten such a positive response from it! We decided to call it the “Victorian Gothic TV & Bluetooth Stereo Stand”. It is hands down one of the coolest items we have ever built! With a 22” Vizio TV, a 90 Watt Output “Pyle” Compact Bluetooth Amplifier, and two 6 1/2” two-way “Kenwood” speakers. It stands 5 Ft. 2 Inches tall and works well in an office area or den. It easily rolls on 3 Inch swivel casters. This piece will remind you of the old portable TV’s from the 70’s and 80’s, but way cooler. The Bluetooth Amplifier easily connects to your smart-phone and all of the latest devices you may utilize for music. Plus, it will give you the edge in the decor department! Item Dimensions – Height: 5 Ft 2 Inches Closed (63 Inches tall with the TV opened), Width: 30 ½ Inches, Depth: 17 Inches.

Our Price: $2475 (Shipping Not Included)
Item #: 217

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